£3 for service charge? No thank you

I had a frustrating experience in a Japanese restaurant in Dundee.

After hearing from others that Oshibori does tasty ramen dishes and good quality sushi, I was willing to try it out.

So my sister travelled up from Glasgow to visit me for a night and day, and right before we had to catch a train back down to our hometown, we both decided to give the Japanese restaurant (recommended to us) a chance. We were so keen and ecstatic to taste the food since there were rumours that this place was “Amazing and delicious.” Which to our disappointment, it was terrible and overpriced. 

Please do not tell me £6.95 for 4 pieces of salmon Sashimi is not expensive. With that amount of money, I can purchase a large salmon fillet and serve more than 5 people. To split 4 small salmon pieces between the two of us was no problem but the size and amount of fillet on the plate was atrocious for such a high price. I wouldn’t recommend anyone to get the salmon fillet there, or any sashimi on the menu ideally The other sashimi plates that Oshibori charges their customers for are extortionate. Considering the fact that the dishes only give you 4 pieces, it is really not worth any of your money when you could cut a huge fillet of any kind by yourself.

Due to the high pricing of this Japanese fine dining restaurant, my sister and I ordered one dish to eat between the both of us. Surely it does not take over an hour and a half to prepare one bowl of rice. I mean, maybe I’m over exaggerating about the proportion of rice within the dish, however charging £22.99 for rice plus a few slices of beef, which by the way I recall eating 4 pieces each, is absolutely absurd.


Just not worth any money.

Overall, it’s shocking to think that they charged me an extra £3 for their utterly appalling service, and not to mention the interior was hideous. As an interior design student myself, I was unable to comprehend the idea behind the whole design. It almost felt like they wanted to present their best objects to anybody visiting the hidden restaurant, like “Yes, here is our £1009928 flower filled tree on our simple black table covered in our rich gold decorations and more flowers that we can’t keep count of.” How silly of them to put chairs behind a bar where there is absolutely no space to even place your arms on the ledge, instead they’ve placed their cash register and other extra ornaments on top of the bar. In addition to the ridiculously looking interior, everything simply looks over crowded.


11/10 will not ever revisit this place again, even if my life depends on it or I’m super rich. I’d rather spend my money on dog food for myself to eat than come here.


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