A quick meal for lazy people like me….

Rice cookers save lives. This is a fact and for asians in particular. Many think that rice cookers only prepare rice because of its given name rice cooker. Well I beg to differ, rice cookers don’t only make rice but also prepare meals like macaroni cheese. It’s simple yet delicious. For the past two weeks, I have had to rely on my rice cooker alone since I didn’t think about taking any pots or pans with me to Dundee. Smart, right? Although with a little research, I discovered how to make some tasty dishes that could last me for a while. After my first time cooking macaroni cheese in my rice cooker, I’ve had various people ask me how to make such an appetising meal in such a short time; which takes me less than half an hour to cook!



Ingredients you will need:

  • Macaroni pasta
  • Crème Fraîche
  • Sour cream
  • Mild grated cheddar cheese
  • Chicken broth/chicken stock mixed in hot water
  • Salt and pepper


  • Rice cooker!
  • Rice spatula
  • Jug


Any measurements? Nope, estimate everything depending on the amount of pasta you wish to have. You will see why.



Step 1

This is the hardest step in my opinion… Deciding the amount of pasta you would like in your rice cooker. Once you conclude the quantity you desire to eat, pour the pasta right into your rice cooker.

Decide wisely because the more pasta you wish to eat, the more ingredients disappear.

Step 1.5 (Optional)

If you don’t have chicken broth but have chicken stock instead, melt and mix the chicken stock in boiling water; I suggest using a jug for this.

Step 2

Get your crème fraîche and sour cream ready as you mix a balanced amount of crème fraîche with the chicken broth/stock into your rice cooker to accompany the pasta.

Don’t forget to add some salt before cooking!

Making sure that the chicken and crème level and does not completely cover the pasta, mix everything together using the spatula then add a spoon of sour cream.


Step 3

Once mixed, close the rice cooker and set it to cook. On some rice cookers, you will have options to select and you will want it to cook rice. Allow the cooker to do its magic for 20 – 25 minutes.

After time has passed, switch off your rice cooker and open it up.

Step 4

While the pasta is still warm, pour in some of your mild grated cheddar cheese then mix it using your spatula. Repeat this step until you think your pasta is cheesy enough.

Step 5

Serve into a cute bowl, add some pepper if you’d like then sit back and enjoy your rice cooker made meal!



It sounds really bad to not measure but sometimes numbers complicate meals far too much. To make this meal a little easier, I decided to take measurements out and allow you to judge how much you put in the meal yourself. After all, I’m not you, I have no clue how much you would like to eat; you might want to make some now to eat and save the rest for tomorrow, I’ll never know.


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