1st year for the 4th time?!

It was only 2 years ago when I had decided I was SO not ready to go to university, and so instead I chose to attend college.

Interior design hadn’t always been something I was interested in. Like every other person with a short attention span at a young age, I lost interest for a few years before I was able to gain a strong passion for this field of art again. If I hadn’t attended college for interior design, I don’t think I’d know right now what it is like to create something new completely from imagination.

That one year of experience in college was HELL. I mean, I did make some friends, I got along with my tutors, I attended class on time, had many nice meals during the day and kept my work at a good standard. What could have gone wrong? Well… I wasn’t very friendly with Deadlines. Deadlines will always be the main thing in my life that I’ll have most struggles to keep up with. I understand that our entire lives revolve around the whole “hand in your work on time or else” concept, but it gets tough for a person like me who loves to stay at home and sleep all the time.

Now that I’ve started uni, everything is a lot different, especially since I’ve moved out and into another city for my studies. At first, I wasn’t so keen on choosing Dundee for my course, I was intrigued by places like Edinburgh and Newcastle due to the amount of things you can do in each city on free days. Even though I got an unconditional offer at Northumbria University in Newcastle, I chose the University of Dundee because of their notable reputation, especially for my course that is Interior and Environmental Design.

My first few days in the first week of my first year in uni has been alright so far, maybe a small number of problems here and there but I didn’t think twice about giving up on life in general over the tiny issues. I actually moved into my student accommodation a week before classes had started so I had time to settle in and adjust myself to my surroundings. This made situations a lot easier for me, the more I got to know the streets of Dundee, the less time it took for me to get around everywhere. Originally it took me 30 to 40 mins to walk class, however now it only takes me approximately 15 – 20 mins to get there each day.

For a girl who grew up in a large city with many things to do, I do feel restricted in this town at times by the limited things you’re able to do here. From where I’m staying at the moment, every place I want to go to is so far away. Although I know the streets better, it’ll still take me an hour to get to where I want to visit. I could take a bus but it’s £1.40 per ride and I currently don’t have much change on me so I have to walk in order to save money. I guess this is the student life away from home that everyone was talking about.

Another fresh start is just beginning now and it’s too early to say how uni will go, but I’m looking forward to see how my stay here will turn out to be like. So it’s time I go now, I should attend to my rice that’s cooking in the kitchen…


8 thoughts on “1st year for the 4th time?!

  1. Hope everything goes well throughout ur 4 years in uni ♡♡ even though i cant be there right next to u when u need help, you can always message me or something~ my ears will always be open to listen to ur problems and try help u solve it together ^^ id say han cheen but please do come back often to visit!! Miss u~ ♡

    – Joweeeeeeeeee

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    1. I love you so much, thank you for always supporting me and giving me lots of love. You know I’ll always message you since you’ve my closest friend, I want to han cheen but I’m tempted to come back this week to see you-


  2. Hi wife! I hope all goes well this year and I’m so proud of you for waiting for a bit and going to college to collect your thoughts. Honestly, you’re one of the strongest people I know and I’m sure this year will go well for you since you’ve already been in college! I’m really awkward with words but like yea…. I’m proud of you wife and I love you!

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    1. I love you so much too, thank you for your support throughout the whole year I’ve known you. Every tough moment I had to go through, you were always there to help me and I don’t know how to thank you enough.


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